head massage and neck massage

How does Heavenly Head Massage differ from Indian Head Massage?

  • Heavenly Head Massage is done while the client is lying on the back.  Indian Head Massage is done with the client sitting on a chair.

    It is much easier to totally relax while lying down. Also in this way at the end of the massage the client can remain in a blissful or even trance-like state as long as it takes to come back to regular waking consciousness.

  • Heavenly Head Massage includes a lot more neck work than Indian Head Massage. Our home study massage training course includes enough training on neck work so that you can do an entire hour of exclusive neck therapy. Continue reading

head massage and face massage

Recently I googled “why does head massage feel good”. I was curious what people had to say about it. There were lots of comments from people who loved getting their head massaged or shampooed in the beauty salon. Some even described head massage as an ‘orgasmic’ experience.

In some countries it is quite normal to get a head massage along with your hair cut, like in India or the Philippines. Actually, I don’t understand why in so many countries it is NOT done. It’s such a perfect and obvious combination, and it feels so great. It makes people look forward to their haircut and enjoy it so much more. Personally, I’d get my hair cut much more often if I knew I’d get a great scalp massage along with it. Continue reading

heavenly head massage

Is Heavenly Head Massage therapeutic or relaxing? I admit it, it’s a trick question, because there is no right answer to it. I am sure you have watched some of those courtroom TV shows where the lawyer barks a question at the witness. When the witness tries to explain the circumstances, the lawyer snaps back “Answer YES or NO.” The poor witness is forced to answer in a way that does not tell the whole picture.

If the question is wrong, you cannot get the right answer

Let’s say I asked you: “Do you have a cold or hay fever?” But you are in perfect health and therefore the question is meaningless. It gives you only two options, neither of which apply to you. My point is, a question has to make sense, otherwise it cannot be answered correctly. Continue reading

Heavenly Head Massage was a sudden inspiration

Sometimes a light bulb goes on in our heads, and we get a sudden inspiration. That was the case with “Heavenly Head Massage”.

One day about 14 years ago that name popped into my head, and I just knew that this was the perfect name. The name actually inspired me to live up to it.

I already had a wonderful collection of neck, head and face massage techniques which I was using on my clients, and they loved it.

A unique niche

Since pure neck, head and face work is rather uncommon in the massage world, my Heavenly Head Massage occupied a unique niche. Many people asked me how I did it and if they could learn it, and as a result I began to organize all my techniques into a system that could be taught and replicated and applied. Continue reading

heavenly head massage

How It All Began

Heavenly Head Massage is my creation. It was not planned, but rather a natural, spontaneous development that grew out of my massage practice. My first modality was Thai Massage which I learned while I was living in Thailand for over a decade.

Childhood memories can last a lifetime

I always remember, when I was a little boy, my mother would sit on my bed at night and rub my head until I fell asleep. I don’t know how often she did it, but I do remember that it felt really good to me. That just shows you how powerful massage can be. The memory of touch is still there many decades later. Continue reading