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Shama Kern, creator of the Heavenly Head Massage system.

Few massage therapists pay much attention to the head, and hardly any are able to work exclusively on neck, head and face for an entire session.

The clients, however, LOVE IT. I have never met a single client who did not love a great head massage. So why don’t more therapists fill this need?

I had always felt that this was a missing element in massage therapy. So it became my passion to develop a really first class system.

Over the years I created a unique and sophisticated system of specialty massage work for neck, head and face. This labor of love turned out to be a great success.

My clients loved me for it, and it significantly contributed to my reputation and my income!

The HEAVENLY HEAD MASSAGE course will teach you how you
can become known as the therapist with a magical touch who can
make clients feel like they just went to massage heaven.

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In Student’s own words

After working 35 years in bodywork, I have not found a better  compliment to any of the styles that I practice than Shama’s Heavenly Head Massage. It is THE supreme work for face, head, neck and shoulders. People want to sign up with me for the next session right  away when I use Shama’s work. It also stands beautifully as a complete  session in itself.

As a teacher, Shama is very personable, patient,  light hearted, and a wizard at smooth transitions in this very intricate  work.  He is a master of transcendent touch and is remarkably able to  teach it to others.  I feel fortunate to have discovered him and to have  studied with him.”
Janet Bishop Sinclair,  Associated Healing Arts,  Brookining, Oregon, U.S.A.


The Heavenly Head Massage system focuses on the body from the neck on up. The secret why it feels truly heavenly is that it goes beyond just physical techniques.
It combines physical massage with a highly refined and sensitive touch.

Heavenly Head Massage teaches you how to bring out the essence, the heart and soul of massage, the magic of a skilled and truly heavenly human touch.

How you can use Heavenly Head Massage in your practice:

  • It can be the ‘icing on the cake, the perfect ending for any kind of massage session. You can put your clients into a blissful trance just by adding 10 or 15 minutes of Heavenly Head Massage at the end.
  • You can use it as a complete stand alone massage modality. Most clients have never experienced anything like this. It can add an entire new income stream to your practice.
  • You can use it for neck therapy exclusively. This training includes a large section of highly sophisticated neck work. You will never run out of people who REALLY NEED good neck work and have a hard time finding it.
    This course will teach you neck techniques which you have never seen!
  • Convenience – you work on people while they are fully dressed
  • Flexibility – you can work on a floor mat or on a massage table
  • Skill improvement – you can greatly improve the quality of your touch

Convenient cost effective learning for massage therapists

If you already have massage experience, our Heavenly Head Massage video course can add a new dimension to your skills without having to travel to course locations and paying expensive course fees.

  • The cost is only a small fraction of a live course
  • You can learn at your convenience in your home
  • This video course is a lifetime investment and a permanent reference  library
  • You can watch the videos again and again at  any time to refresh your memory


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“After learning the Heavenly Head Massage from Shama, I immediately incorporated it into my massage sessions. The response has been fantastic! Never before had my clients experienced such a deep and profound sense of peace and relaxation from a massage. One of my clients responded…. ‘I loved that move when your arms brushed lightly across my face, and after that I have no memory what you did or where I went.’ Thank you Shama for teaching me such a wonderfully mindful and gentle technique to share with my clients.”

Karin Bursky, Massage therapist, Vermont, USA

neck massageThe Heavenly Head Massage home study training course is beautifully recorded on video.

You can see every detail close up, and every technique is explained in depth so that you can easily follow.

It is just as detailed as a live course.
The camera captures the best angles for all techniques, even under the neck!

Whatever you use this course for – to add a heavenly ending to your sessions, learn sophisticated neck techniques, or do entire Heavenly Head Massage sessions, this course will pay for itself very quickly.

It will greatly improve your skills, your practice, your income, and your reputation.

Does it have to be done on the floor?

Heavenly Head Massage can be done equally well both on a floor mat or on a massage table. It is demonstrated in this course in a traditional Asian environment, however all the techniques can be done on a table just as well.

Is there any support if I purchase this course?

You have unlimited access to the instructor via email or forum. All your questions are answered generally within one day.

You also have access to our forum where you can network, get to know other students, and even advertise your events, courses or website totally free!

Who is this course for – and who is it not for

I want to be totally upfront with you: The Heavenly Head Massage home study video training course is not a beginner’s course. In order to get the most out of it, you should have some experience in touching people as a massage therapist, yoga instructor, or energy worker.

What is included in the course?

  • Course manual
  • 14 video modules, each 20-25 minutes long
  • Over 5 hours of video training
  • Full support by the instructor via email, forum and skype
  • The option to receive a free bonus module at the end of the course

Certification and CEUs

NCBTMB logoThai Healing Massage Academy offers two certification options:

1. The International certification for students from any country
2. The CE certification for US students who need CEUs

You can get 12 CE hours for this training when you enroll in our certification program.

How is the course delivered?

There is no physical delivery through the mail. All 14 video modules are delivered via email and are downloadable to your computer.

You will receive one download link every two days in your email. This gives you time to practice the lessons and makes sure that you will not feel overwhelmed by over five hours of massage training all at once. You will complete the entire training within 4 weeks.

The Heavenly Head Massage video series covers the same training as our live 5 day courses. All techniques are explained step by step in great detail, slow enough that you can easily follow along. Your online instructor is available to help you succeed with the training.

How much is the investment?

Heavenly Head Massage is a totally unique course which is not available anywhere else. It costs you less than a 2 hour massage session, and it will be a significant and valuable resource for the quality of your work, your reputation and your income.

Your one-time investment is $108.00

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there is. You are covered by our LEARN MASSAGE OR DON’T PAY satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk for you.
Try the course, and get a feel for it. You have 14 days to decide if it is right for you.

If you decide that the course is not right for you, just send an email to and I will refund your money, no questions asked.

I only want satisfied students!

Time to take action!

Your purchase of the Heavenly Head Massage home study video training course is totally risk free, so why not go ahead and check it out? You will
  • Learn unique and valuable skills
  • Add a new income stream to your practice
  • Develop a magical touch
  • Add a new dimension to your career

Join the ranks of therapists with a heavenly touch and magical hands.
Your clients will love you for it and your business will prosper because of it!


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