image of ShamaMy Story

It all started when I visited Thailand for the first time in the late 90s. I fell in love with Thai Massage and decided to study it. From there I branched out and studied many therapies like Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang, medical Qigong, energy healing, various Thai Massage styles, Breema and others. Since I lived in Thailand and was practicing and teaching Thai Massage, I was always looking for ways to improve my style.

This gave birth to several modalities over the years, one of them being Heavenly Head Massage. Here in Thailand, there is generally some head massage included in the Thai Massage sessions, but it is only an add-on, and the quality can vary drastically. I also noticed that most massage modalities neglect the body from the neck on up. Since I have always loved neck, head and face massage, I decided that I wanted to fill this gap.

We all know that if we do what we really love, we tend to get very good at it. That is what happened in my case. I created an entire upper body style because I was passionate about it. I loved to see how it made my clients feel, and practicingĀ  Heavenly Head Massage became my personal meditation. It also made me feel that this was my way to make a difference, to contribute something unique and valuable to the world.

You can’t help but feel good when client after client tells you that they have never been so relaxed in their life, that their headache went away, that they felt like they just went to heaven for a while, or that they had experienced a deep meditative state.

Besides doing Heavenly Head Massage sessions all by themselves, I always used at least 10 minutes of my Heavenly Head Massage in my Thai Massage sessions, and my clients loved it. Then I realized that I could use my extensive collection of neck techniques as a therapy all by itself, so that became part of the Heavenly Head Massage too, a therapeutic offshoot so to say.

I realized that I had something unique and valuable and that I should share it as much as possible. Since only few can come to Thailand to study with me, I decided to create a Heavenly Head Massage homestudy course on video.

I have been teaching and sharing Heavenly Head Massage in several countries and in some of the fanciest spas in the world, and I would love to share it with you too!