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Recently I googled “why does head massage feel good”. I was curious what people had to say about it. There were lots of comments from people who loved getting their head massaged or shampooed in the beauty salon. Some even described head massage as an ‘orgasmic’ experience.

In some countries it is quite normal to get a head massage along with your hair cut, like in India or the Philippines. Actually, I don’t understand why in so many countries it is NOT done. It’s such a perfect and obvious combination, and it feels so great. It makes people look forward to their haircut and enjoy it so much more. Personally, I’d get my hair cut much more often if I knew I’d get a great scalp massage along with it.

But back to my google search. People described how they loved head massage, how their partners asked them for it, how their mother put them to sleep with it, and how they went into a trance while receiving it, just to name a few.

Head Massage is quite different from body massage

Normally when you massage someone, you manipulate a stiff joint or work on a tight muscle. But there are no big muscles on the head that you can feel, and there are no joints that you can mobilize. You really only feel skin and bone. So why does it feel so wonderful?

My search results brought up some explanations like ‘it increases blood flow’, ‘it releases tension’, ‘there are many nerve endings in the head’, and ‘it releases feel good hormones like dopamine and serotonin’. But those explanations don’t even come close to the actual experience that people describe as ‘trance-like’, ‘orgasmic’,  ‘amazing’  and ‘out of this world’.

If someone would tell me that I feel great because of my dopamine levels or the number of nerve endings in my head, my eyes would glaze over and I would start yawning. It’s like telling someone that dinner tastes good because of particular chemical reactions in the mouth. NO! It tastes good because my wife is a great cook and she prepared it with loving attention.

I have given hundreds of my Heavenly Head Massage sessions during my career, and I have witnessed a lot of reactions by my clients. I have seen migraine headaches vanish, I have seen people enter profound states of altered consciousness, I have had many clients thank me for one of the best experiences in their lives. So what accounts for these reactions to head massage? Here are some observations of mine:

  • Rubbing someone’s head feels good most of the time. But this effect can be increased tremendously by consciously working not just with your hands, but also with your energy.
  • The pleasure of a head massage can be greatly enhanced by using a variety of techniques besides just rubbing. There is a real art to it, and it can be learned.
  • Head massage can be done in the sitting position or lying down. Lying down is preferable since clients can fall asleep or go into a trance, and remain in this blissful state for a while after the session ends.
  • Head Massage affects not just the body but also your mind, your energy and your consciousness. It is the fastest way to improve someone’s state of mind through focused and conscious touch.
  • Head massage is easy on the therapist since it does not require much physical effort. Therefore it does not stress thumbs, wrists or back like other types of massage.  Without strenuous physical manipulations it is easier for the therapist to focus more on energy techniques and this in turn can make the treatment magical.
  • Head massage training is a great way to develop a magic touch and learn how to listen with your hands.
  • Some things in life cannot be explained completely. No scientific jargon will ever transmit the feeling of being deeply in love with someone, and no medical explanations will ever come close to the exquisite feeling of a great head massage.
  • Good head massage is supremely relaxing and therefore puts the body into an ideal state to activate its own natural healing mechanisms.
  • Don’t try to explain everything in a rational way. Some of the most beautiful things in life defy scientific explanations like falling in love, holding your baby, watching an incredible sunset or having an amazing dream – and yes, a wonderful massage. “Feeling great” is your personal experience, and you don’t always have to justify or explain the “why”.

I have seen the amazing effects of Heavenly Head Massage over many years of practice, and my students are telling me about similar results with their clients. You can learn this system too and add another dimension to your practice.

Our home study video training course is as detailed as a live class. It takes you step by step towards a more refined touch, increased sensitivity and intuition, and a wide range of unique techniques for neck, head and face.

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