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Heavenly Head Massage Online Training

Unique neck, head and face massage training for ultimate relaxation and therapy


How To Stand Out In Your Profession

FACT: There are several hundred thousand massage therapists in the US alone.

But how many of them have such unique skills that clients recognize them as outstanding, as someone whom they want to see again and again, because they can't find anyone else with such skills? 

How To Make A Session Even Better

There are some areas of the body which are often somewhat neglected or at least not addressed so well. One such area is the neck, head and faceMost therapists work primarily from the neck on down

However receiving excellent neck, head and face work feels amazing! Clients love it, and they recognize it as a unique skill. That's what Heavenly Head Massage is all about - doing excellent work from the neck on up.

The Advantage Of Specialization

Now you can specialize in this "hidden gem" of massage - from the neck on up - as one of the few therapists with excellent neck, head and face skills.

You can learn how to do unique sessions from the neck on up that leaves your clients in bliss, thinking this was the best session they ever had.

You can learn to do such effective neck therapy work that your clients will be amazed at the improvement in their neck issues.

What is Heavenly Head Massage?

  • A powerful and effective massage system for neck, head and face that can change lives and careers
  • A system that goes beyond techniques and touches not just the body, but the heart and soul - the client's AND yours.

What do your clients really want? They want results. They want to feel better. They want to see improvements with their issues.

They want to feel great, experience massage bliss - like they just went to massage heaven, as if they were walking on clouds.

Heavenly Head Massage is ideal for such a client experience!

3 Ways How You Can Use The Heavenly Head Massage System

Heavenly H​​​​​ead Massage as a stand-alone system

This is the stairway to massage heaven. You can do full one hour sessions as a unique specialty, and your clients will love you for it. Most have never experienced anything like it.

Highly effective and sophisticated neck therapy

Expand your services with therapeutic neck massage. The Heavenly Head Massage system includes 3 hours of specialized neck massage therapy with high definition close ups and dozens of techniques. 

​The perfect ending for any massage session

If you want to leave your clients in a blissful, trance-like state at the end of any kind of massage session, then use some Heavenly Head Massage techniques to conclude your sessions. Your clients will love how it makes them feel!

Who is this course for - and who is it not for?

This course is for you if:

  • check
    You see massage as a holistic body-mind-spirit healing art
  • check
    You can relate to the concept of an energy flow in the body, not just anatomical parts
  • check
    You have at least some experience with massage, yoga or energy work

It is not for you if:

  • check
    You can only relate to a science and anatomy based system
  • check
    Your only interest is learning new techniques, and for you energy has no place in massage
  • check
    You are a total beginner in the world of healing arts with no experience at all

What you will le​​​​​arn in the Heavenly Head Massage course

  • plus
    A complete system for working on the upper chest, neck, head and face
  • plus
    How to develop a wonderful 'magic' touch
  • plus
    ​How to combine massage with breath and energy for much better results
  • plus
    ​A complete system for highly effective and unique neck therapy work
  • plus
    ​Exquisite Face massage for relaxation and for therapy

What is inc​luded in the course?

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    18 video modules with over 8 hours of training
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    Unlimited personalized online instructor support
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    Detailed written course manual
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    Illustrated Transcripts for all video modules
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    Audio only version for listening on the go
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    Access to our private facebook group and student community

How do I access the course?

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    You access it in your own private membership platform
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    Multi-Media format: video, text and audio
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    You have permanent access - there is no expiration
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    Interactive commenting for easy communication with instructor and fellow students

How is the course delivered?

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    ​Your site is accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere
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    A new course module becomes available every two days
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    You can watch the videos online or download them to watch them offline on your device
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    The videos and course materials are yours to keep for life

Unconditional NO-RISK guarantee

As with all our courses, we would never expect you to pay for a course that is not right for you - for whatever reason.

That's why we offer a no-questions-asked 14 day satisfaction guarantee.
This is a totally risk free investment. Either it works for you - or you get your money back.

Watch this video to see how a gentle application of Heavenly Head Massage looks like in action.
Please note: This course also includes training for more intense therapeutic work.


Can Heavenly Head Massage be done on a table?

Heavenly Head Massage can be done equally well both on a floor mat or on a massage table.

It is demonstrated in this course in a traditional Asian environment, however all the techniques can be done on a table just as well.

What students are saying about our training

Lucia Byrne

Massage therapist


I have taken many different massage courses over the past 12 years. But none of the other instructors focused on the importance of the quality of touch.

This is a MUST watch training if you really Love massage, care for your clients and want to connect to them energetically! Thank you so much Shama for the awesome job you do with your videos!

J. Banowetz

Massage therapist


This is one of the best continuing education classes I have taken in the past 11 years of practicing massage. The course work was super thorough, well paced, full of tons of techniques as well as instructions on how to incorporate the essential energy work into each session.

In addition, Shama provides personal feedback every step of the way. The class was a joy to go through!

Liviu Grumeza

Massage therapist


Many all-new techniques I couldn't even have imagined! They offer a world of sensations and interactions that make me eager to practice more. You developed a real science of touch relaxation there... Beautiful! My model almost fell asleep.

Can I get a certificate for this course?

Yes, two certification programs are available: *

1. International Certification - Students from any country, including the US, can enroll in this program.

2. Continuing Education Certification - 12 NCBTMB approved CE online hours. This program is for licensed US therapists only.

Certification requires qualifying

This unique Heavenly Head Massage training is beautifully and professionally filmed. You see every detail close-up. Every technique is explained in depth so that you can easily follow.

This course doesn't just show you techniques, it teaches you step-by-detailed step, just like in a classroom - or better. The camera captures the best angles for all techniques, even under the neck!

Use this course to:

  • Add a heavenly ending to your sessions
  • Learn sophisticated neck and face techniques
  • Do entire sessions of Heavenly Head Massage

This course will pay for itself very quickly! It will greatly improve your skills, your practice, your income, your reputation, and your clients will be very happy!

Let our students have the last word

Karen Bursky
Massage therapist

"   After learning the Heavenly Head Massage from Shama, I immediately incorporated it into my massage sessions. The response has been fantastic! Never before had my clients experienced such a deep and profound sense of peace and relaxation from a massage.   "

Janet Sinclair
Massage therapist

"   After working 35 years in bodywork, I have not found a better complement to any of the styles that I practice than Shama’s Heavenly Head Massage. It is THE supreme work for face, head, neck and shoulders. People want to sign up with me for the next session right away when I use Shama’s work. It also stands beautifully as a complete session in itself.   "

What's my investment?

Your investment is a
risk-free, satisfaction guaranteed
one-time payment of $147