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The Story Of Heavenly Head Massage Part 2

image of the author, Shama KernHeavenly Head Massage – a flash of inspiration

Sometimes a light bulb goes on in our heads, and we get a sudden inspiration. That was the case with “Heavenly Head Massage”.

One day about 17 years ago that name popped into my head, and I just knew that this was the perfect name. The name actually inspired me to live up to it.

I already had a wonderful collection of neck, head and face massage techniques which I was using on my clients, and they loved it.

A unique niche

Since pure neck, head and face work is rather uncommon in the massage world, my Heavenly Head Massage occupied a unique niche.

Many people asked me how I did it and if they could learn it. Consequently I began to organize all my techniques into a system that could be taught, replicated and applied.

My labor of love and a better world

Heavenly Head Massage was always my labor of love. Most people enjoy a good massage, but the reactions which I was getting from my Heavenly Head Massage clients were really amazing.

As massage therapists we are giving out a lot of energy, and most of us stay in this business because we feel that we are not just doing a job, but that we are contributing something valuable to the world. We believe that we make the world a better place, session by session.

Heavenly Head MassageAmazing energy exchanges

Every time a client acknowledges and appreciates our work via positive feedback, it replenishes our energy and our reason for being in this profession.

Heavenly Head Massage has allowed me to be part of many incredible energy exchanges. I developed a very refined sense of touch and the ability to take people into a trance-like state.

So many of my clients experienced such a change in their energy and such wonderful results that this work in itself was not only of great value to my clients, but it was a gift to myself as well.

Massage and meditation

I learned that the best way to take people into this blissful trance state was to be in it myself. So Heavenly Head Massage became my meditation. Instead of just doing something to my clients, it became a joint venture into trance-land.

More than technique

One essential aspect of my Heavenly Head Massage training is to get the point across to my students that there is more to it than just learning a technique. Most people assume that massage is mainly a set of techniques which can be learned.

However this is only partially true, regardless of what style it is. Massage is more of an art than a technique.

Especially in the case of Heavenly Head Massage, it cannot be learned in a mechanical way. It is not enough to know what to do. Students have to learn how to be and how to feel.

You can compare it to a musician. Many people can learn how to play scales and a piece of music. But this does not automatically make them great musicians.

A great performance

violinist playingHave you ever watched a really good musician perform?

Especially classical musicians who, unlike many popular performers, do not work with the aid of special effects or electronic manipulations.

You can see that they become one with their music. Their body, their instrument and their music all merge into one perfectly synchronized tapestry.

The music does not just sound, but it soars and sings and triumphs, your heart is thumping and you get tears in your eyes from watching that person perform. It can take your breath away.

Massage is more of an art than a technique

Heavenly Head Massage for faceThe example of the musician is a concept which applies to massage therapists as well. If you only know the mechanical routine, it will not feel like anything special.

But if your body, your feeling, your heart and mind are all involved, and combined with good techniques, then your massage takes your client into an altered state – your session becomes magical.


A higher level of bodywork

In Heavenly Head Massage you cannot fake it. You cannot get away with just learning the techniques. It only feels heavenly when you become a massage artist and an energy worker.

When you learn this system, you will access a new level of massage skills, a higher sensitivity to your client’s ┬ábody and mind, a much more refined touch, and a higher level of awareness.

Learn Heavenly Head Massage through our convenient, in depth, and highly detailed online training program.

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image of ShamaThe author, Shama Kern, is the founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy. He has been practicing and teaching Thai Massage for 18 years, and he is the creator of 20 Thai Massage online training courses. You can reach him at shama@thaihealingmassage.com

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